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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ones deciding to fight knit court, then lost. the former president of au corporation and his executive vice president walked out of court after being ordered to surrender in the end of november, begin serving a three year prison sentence. their former company ordered to pay a half billion dollar fine. op tronics tried to fight this, lg and sharp participated but they settled and admitted guilt earlier. consumer watch dogs are applauding the prison time for the two men, but the three years was less than a third of what the government asked for. and the fine only half of what prosecutors argued was justified. this attorney represented auoptronics. >> the judge saw fit to impose
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that. and there are very substantial issues about whether, so-to-what extent it applies to a taiwanese corporation. >> the conspiracy to fix prices of lcd screens began in 2001 among company as agreeing to settle, toshiba, lg, samsung. together they've paid $1 billion. >> this is about $25 per consumer, you can go to lcd and find out more information. you have to sign up by december if you want to git the restitution but there is a path available to get money back. >> and besides auoptronics, 12 executives have been sentenced to prison. and there for information if
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you bought an lcdtv or computer, you can go to abc 7 and click on the see it on tv link at the top of the page. we'll get you connected to the settlement and two people have been hurt from this car crashing into a business in downtown san rafael. sky 7 was over the scene of the home cooking on 4th street no. word on why the driver lost dronl. but we do know one skpern a car and one in the store were injured. >> a pedestrian was trapped under a muni bus and police conducted an investigation. the person was freed within about five minutes and no word on that person's condition. >> and take a look at this crash. not far away on cesar chavez boulevard. there is a wanted parole crashing into the back of a truck and his car burst into flames.
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there are three plain clothed cops pulled him out of the car. >> a san francisco gay rights pioneer has been arrested on child important yog graphy charges and booked today and faces two counts of possession and didn't gs of child porn. police received information from los angeles police he was exchanging pictures of children, some as young as two years old thchl is video when abc 7 news highlighted his work for the human rights commission. >> there is a protest march and rally over the police shooting of a 15-year-old is wrapping up now. police say the officer was cleared of wrong doing but the family and friends still have many questions about what happened. and abc 7 news is live with
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the latest on this story. >> the event just wrapped up. after that march, the organization behind me is where a 15-year-old was shot and killed by south san francisco police officer. and this is why have all of the people, his family, and friends, came down today to gather. they have lots of banners and signs. calling for justice. and now, he was killed after a confrontation with this police officer and this boy had a gun and as for the investigation it's turning out that they said he reached for the gun. he started to get up so the officer fired. and the family says there should have been charges. >> there is family by no means perfect, they're human, too. if it was one of our kids who shoot an officer, they'd be held accountable.
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now it's the other way around, it seems like this officer is not going to be accountable in any way that. is tragic. >> that shooting has been ruled justify bid the da. a lot of people here just showing support for him speaking out on the family. the family silophiled a civil suit that is ongoing. >> thank you. in the north bay, family and friends of a young man shot by police there want the officers arrested for murder. and today, his family held a rally in front of solano county district attorney. akoirding to investigators he pull aid gun when approaching him. two officers fired 32 rounds. there was a pellet gun and he did not return fire. >> this is just praying this
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comes out the right way z these officers are charged with murder and attempted murder. >> this mayor is calling for an independent investigation into the shooting. and there is is a man just conviktd of a scam is now on the lamb. a fugitive warrant for jay shau. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest developments for us. >> this is a story 7 on your side first broke years ago. and this had many twists and turns and the jury deliberated two more months this has been an epic legal battle. the master find of the scam, a man been dubbed dark prince
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may never be tried because he was convicted of murdering this man in palm spring autos this is the kind of story you will see in the movie. >> now, one of the members of the reign of thiefs is on the loose. >> there is one accomplice of the prince of darkness in this case that has now fled. he's a fugitive. >> the district attorney is talking about this man. jay shaw. the 48-year-old telecommunications executive just convicted yesterday with a tennis instructor in a real estate scam. shaw facing up to 35 years for his part in the swindle. and they were found guilty of stealing three exclusive condoes from owner shirley wong. prosecutors say they forged her deeds and took out
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millions of dollars on the properties. shaw was not in court when the jury verdict came down yesterday. >> we're led to believe that he wasn't in a medical facility indicated by his attorney. >> saw's attorney told the court the client was being treated for an illless here and prosecutors learned he checked out. they fear he may be planning to leave the country. >> he's known to have foreign pass ports and to have funneled money into foreign companies last night san francisco and san jose airport were notified and information put out to the surrounding county autos this broker was charged in this case but the jury acquitted him on counts and hung on the rest.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco has your honored a new distinction that may tarnish it's reputation among tourists rating it the 11 dirtiest travel destination in the country. and we're live tonight, local tourism officials must not be happy about this. >> this is yes and no. they say this reflects this is a densely populated city. on the other hand, ed lee says just last night he was attending ab event and got an earful from constituents about dirty the city is. 18 million tourists come for beauty but sometimes, see the
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beast. travel and leisure ranked it one of america's dirtiest cities. 11th out of 35. the results from a poll of 50,000 readers. >> i grew up in new york my threshold for dirt is way up here and so i see san francisco and i'm like i can eat off of this sidewalk compared to new york. >> new york is number one on the dirty list but back to san francisco. >> it's butte of. i would not say this is dirtiest. >> and and she's right. baltimore ranks third. san francisco deserves to be on the list, too, according to some tourists like this family from australia. >> it has been grimey and dirty. my son got spat on last night. >> the counter point to not so pristine conditions, the
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magazine readers gave san francisco high marks for fine dining, edge nick food, tech savvy people and good public transportation. >> those things overpower the fact the dirtiness. i think the fact is that busiest cities in the united states rank higher. >> the mayor says it's time for a spring cleaning campaign. >> i think everybody will agree. there are favorite door doors we like people to see but we don't like the trash on the streets or graffiti. >> the mayor used to be the head of the department of public works charged with cleaning all that have stuff up. and now, by the way this survey taken from may through august of last rear but results were just published in an online magazine this month. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. >> and there is a lot more still to come tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00. just ahead a spectacular
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arrival of the space shuttle. it's piggy back ride to california and where to see it tomorrow. >> sand toys on steroids is how is described work going on at ocean beach in san francisco. and it's running awayed schedule. >> i'm sandhya patel. weekend is looking warmer. for the first weekend of fall. i'll have temperatures coming up. >> later tonight foster children find jobs. one pay joft of
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welcome news for anyone who relies on the great
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highway to get around town. the management project closing from lincoln avenue to skyline boulevard should wrap up four day as head of schedule this coming monday. we're live tonight. heather? >> there is easy to understand how this gets changed frequently by high winds out here. there is a me moveal of sand from the roadway. that is not what this is about but taking sand from one part of the beach and moving to it mother part of the beach. to give you an idea of the scope, what we're standing on here is all of this trucked down here over the last few weeks. there are trucks and bulldozers humming for a month,
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taking sand from the north and moving it to the south. this 97-year-old has been watching 70 years. >> used to be one of the biggest sand drifts in the world. >> this is despite attempts to pave it over. now, tides are threatening to wash away highway and city osh side pollution control plant. >> there are storms in 2009 a lot of erosion and so they did temporary measures and some other measures. >> there is a project spread ate cross about 700 feet of coastline. >> there is where they have
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been closed but prot jekt was scheduled to go until the 28th but will wrap up this coming monday. the p.u.c. will be monitoring what happens with the newly placed sand as they consider a long term solution. >> there is great highways. it's going to fall into the beach. >> one is to move it back behind the zoo. >> this is interesting. >> and something called ocean beach master plan does offer a vision of what should happen out here over the next 50 years and that would with expensive and there is telling where that money could come from. >> the space shuttle endeavor touched down today where
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before the raft leg of the tour. northern california gets a view had the morning. and there afly over happening about 9:30. and one former shuttle astronaut, it is a tribute to hope. >> if we have something to look forward and to lift us up as a nation, i think that is what we should remember. excitement and promise. >> thousands will gather at the research center for a party. engineers work on the program for decades but this will be the only time it has been flown over the bay area. >> this is is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the space shuttle paying
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tribute to men and women who helped build it and heads to the final resting place in california. >> there is what we know about the time line for tomorrow's final flight of the shuttle. the 747 that is scheduled to liflt off in southern california at 8:15 in the morning then going to head north and pass over sacramento. that is some tichl after 9:00, we think. then there is a viewing party at oakland space center. there it s there there is a pass over golden gate bridge after that. and there is going to to be a tribute flight over nasa ames research center. a good reason, scientists spent decades working on the program. so in tribute, the shuttle
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will pass over nasa ames. after that, back to southern california for a fly over of spots including disneyland i just retired as a space shuttle i'm going to go to disneyland. why not? then will go on permanent display at the california science center in los angeles. there is nasa encouraging people to report the sightings on twitter. and you can send your photos to us. we love to get them on the air. >> this is very cool, and everyone is wondering what is the weather going to be like? >> this is when i'm optimistic weather conditions will be
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just right. and there is a live picture right now. from our mount tamalpais camera, looking towards a clear ocean beach. there is temperatures coming up by a few degrees so it's clear, we do expect low clouds towards the morning hours there is 61 in san francisco. there is mild readings inland. mid 70s to low 80s. there is mild inland and warmer for the first day of fall, tomorrow morning you're going to need to add an extra layer, dress warmly. there is some low clouds
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around the coast and east bay. here is the forecast for fly overinto san francisco. clear at 9:30 in the morning. there is a the only area that will be watching low skploudz a clear view at 10:45 in the morning. there if you're going to be in the south bay you have a clear view. there is i think it looks great tomorrow, check it out. don't forget, send me pictures. this is now heading down towards sierra nevada so instead of coming down over the bay area we're going to see a change of course moving into the pacific northwest and stays east. this is now looking warmer for the weekend. tomorrow afternoon there is 72
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in palo alto. we're going to bring in patches of low clouds for afternoon. downtown 64 degrees and there is north bay, 80s in santa rosa. there is 69 oakland, inland going to be up to 84 in antioch. there is high clouds there, watsonville, 70 degrees, there is mild conditions expected and fall arriving on a warmer note. temperatures dipping just slightly sunday and this is just going to be up down, up down. beautiful weerj looks great. thank you. >> coming up next, the sun of the famed ocean explower. >> he in
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how yeerg are apple fans to get new iphones tomorrow? lines began forming at stores last week. and there is a first one outside staked out a claim monday. presale orders were gone in an hour, leaving truly devoted
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with limited options. >> there are my kids that come and join me here, we watch movies and read books and talk, camp out. you can camp out in the forest. i camp out at apple. >> and there is 500 iphones and there is a shorter, but growing line is reported in downtown san francisco. >> if you waited you should get one. >> son of jacques kufto is talking about pollution. talking to school kids about what they can do to keep the seas and marine wildlife healthy. and there is also an environmentalist ask a film maker saying human pollution is a big threat to oceans. >> there is amount of
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chemicals making their way into the ocean and there is perfecting the entire food chain. >> the center cares for 600 mammals each year. 8% need aid because of pollution caused by people. >> still ahead at 6:00 an 11-year-old oakland boy shot in his sleep and hope of capturing support of an important voting block. >> and some reservation web sites invite hackers to improve
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a child bed is a place kids feel safe but today, anything but for a sleeping boy in east oakland. police are investigating a shooting that left an 11-year-old seriously injured
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and abc 7 news is live in oakland tonight. how is he doing? >> there is some good news, he is in children's hospital behind me. a family says he'll need surgery. he was home this morning when his house was sprayed with bullets. one bullet sent them into a state of panic. >> these two hit the tv. >> there are 15 holes left by bullets. there is one hitting his little brother. >> i saw him crying a lot. he didn't know what to do. >> there this 11-year-old was rushed to the hospital. and. >> he's going to have the bullets for his whole live.
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>> he says louis was just one of eight people home at that time. and bullet holes in the head bood and wall nearoly missing other family members. >> 38 and 45. >> while he is combing his home, police are searching for those who fired shots. >> this is about removing weapons from the street .s taking them out of the hands of criminal autos police say the small house in east oakland was targeted they're not saying why they believe that oo. that is what our chief was talking about. it's reducing gun violence, identifying problems before there are victim autos this morning's shooting on the heels of a big announce i had mt made yesterday welcoming 166th recruit academy displaying mug shots and touted their efforts to remove 560 firearms from streets. but that means very little to this family.
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recent victims of gun violence in oakland. >> like come on, monday, innocent people living in the neighborhood. little kids, babies. you never know which bully hates one of them. >> the family tell meez that the little boy is in good spirits and recovering. his father is buy his bedside. police are asking for any information that may led them to the gunman or gunmen responsible. >> there is a latino vote taking center stage in the presidential race. he also got another chance to take a jab at rom fee for dment that leaked video. >> when you express an attitude half of the country considers itself victims, somehow, that they want to be dependent on government, my
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think sthag maybe you haven't gotten around a lot. >> romney tried again to turn attention way, chaiming 47% of the americans think of sthechls as victims and his job is not to worry about them. and the republican president prezel candidate set his sites on president obama. >> i will change washington we'll get the job done from the inside. republicans and democrats will come together. he can't do it. his slogan was yes, we can. his slogan now, is no, i knlt this, is time for a new president. >> both candidates have bay area fund-raisers planned soon. romney attending a private $50,000 a person event at the strawberry hill estate in hillsborough. and that is tomorrow night. the president rb in san francisco on october 8th. his fourth trip here since may. >> and san francisco international airport is opens doors today to hackers. the kind who innovate and solve problems.
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by now, you know the drill. this time, they're staying out for the hackathon. >> travel is one of the first industries to use computer autos now, some systems are getting old. is here in a room with views of sfo runways there are young prurz coming up with ideas of what is next. >> these are some of the brightest internet developers out there. travel is hard to crack into. >> the opportunity to work with big names in travel sft ware attracted engineers from around the world. >> people sent video and there is a team flying from australia. >> there are two weeks to make plans you, now, showing results. this man built a tool that helps you pay for tools by
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renting out your house. >> you can go ton a cruise to hawaii and earn 1400s oodz but biggest change right now is actually obvious. society's overwhelming shift from using this to using this. and there is a device easier to get through security. >> you're able to change plans and there is location-based technology autos jay is working on location happens to help you share pictures when you travel. >> going for security if there is a way to auto mate. >>. >> and just ahead, clint eastwood like you've never seen it before. >> just what he was staring at. i'm in the a pole dancer. >> there
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tomorrow, trouble with the curve is clint eastwood has a able scout. >> and his review on the aisle. >> clint eastwood, grouchy. he doesn't talk to a chair but does mum bl in a coffee table and a body part i can't
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mention. he's losing his eye site. the braves young management wants to replace him using computer technology against clint's instincts. >> things change. >> you don't know anything about the game. >> and antimoney ball film. guess who wins? amy adams plays clint's estranged daughter gunning to become a partner in a law firm, then meeting up with dad. they have issues. >> you sent me away. only a coward leaves your kids. >> i don't need your help. i don't know why you just don't go home. >> enter justin timberlake as a younger version of clint. >> what do you think about dennis? >> together. >> well, that is forward, don't you think? if you're asking me out, i accept. >> this film is simp pliftic, rmt like a made for tv movie with pg-13 language. >> i'm not a pole dancer. >> lice nis to see him back, even if he is a grumpy old
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man. i didn't believe amy adams as a high powered attorney for a minute. and justin timberlake as a play by play announcer? his voice is too high. i asked clint's chair how much upon dorn give it. it says almost three quarters of a bucket. >> and when we come back, bay area teenagers finding jobs. >> yes.
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over the summer we asked you to click the like button on our facebook page to help raise money for foster children. >> and we're so grateful for your help. there is $30,000 raised and that campaign is over, we're still trying to raise wareness about the needs of foster children. >> and tonight mer on a
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program putting foster teens to work. for rachel this job is more than a paycheck. it's the promise of a better life. rachel grew up in foster care and is now 20. >> i'm living in a youth shelter from 18-22, i believe. >> rachel and other young adults with foster back grounds don't have the traditional family support which helps land a first job. that is where teen force comes in. its a nonprofit here started two years ago to help teenagers find work. last year, it started focusing on the needs of foster kids. the nonprofit helping prepare nearly 200 young people to enter the work force and match them with jobs. this 19-year-old is among two dozen grew up in foster care.
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>> there is people that can help you, it gets a little more better, you can get on your feet and do what you need to do to make it in the world. >> and teen force was launched with help with private sector grant money. employers pay going rate and kick in extra to help sustain the nonprofit. >> there is youth being put to work without relying on public subsidy. we make it easy to hire youth. >> goodwill ceo michael fox is one of nine employers in santa clara county putting teens and young adults to work. rachel is a human resource assistant at goodwill, and michael is in the recycling warehouse. >> there is stab yikt and gives them job skills so they can get much better job autos in los gatos, a 19-year-old is
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one of those with a foster background and an example of why the company says the program makes good business sense. >> we work here with them that is what i like about the place. they trust my skills. you know? and so i'm grateful for that. >> rachel neil also grateful. her job will help her move beyond the youth shelter. >> it's a confidence booster to be able to say... i'm a working woman. >> teen force says there are hundreds of young adults from foster care eager to work and they're not looking for a handout and are just hoping for help up. >> and there is time for a check on the forecast. >> there is high thin clouds going over the bay there is
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now, heading into tomorrow, just as nice for the last fall day of summer, if you're traveling check out heat in vegas. there is 80 degrees in tahoe there is 86 into the afternoon. bay area, mild weather and there is 84 in antioch. 80 degrees in santa rogsa. sun, high clouds and there is autumn arriving saturday, warmer weather for that. mid 60s to mid-80s, sunday, temperatures dipping just slightly now. not as what we'd expected so there is ups ask downs by two degrees. there is low to mid-60s coastside there is fine-looking weather. >> there is a new afternoon
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line up here there is general hospital at 1:00 followed by who wants to be a millionaire and jeopardy. and katie is on at 3:00 here on abc 7 that is followed by abc 7 news at 4:00. >> giants magic number keeps shrinking. >> how
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join me tonight at 9:00 at that time, this soccer player may not have known what he's picking up, fans threw things on to a field but a grenade? we'll have that story. and then at 11:00 there is a big solar project making a lot of people unhappy. abc 7 news i team investigates and gets results. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is a lot to take about. >> yes. big game for giants. >> things going so well right now. i just don't want to jinx anyone. there is another day, another step closer to clinching the west. san francisco's magic number down to just four after completing a four-game sweep for rockies. and there is before the contest manager bruce bocci
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wearing a 49ers cap. another solid outing for barry zito. just two runs while striking out six. giants broke it oup with a six run fourth with a second home run, this is a three run shot. panda found a power stroke and three homers and seven rbi. the crowd chanting mvp, buster posey followed to class with one of his own, giants going on to win so the magic number is four. dodgers trailing washington and so it could be down to three. >> there is guys playing well. they're playing with confidence. and you know this is some big hits. pablo, big day. buster. early. everybody. >> and there is a good news, bad news day for a ae.s bad, starter brit anderson will miss the rest of the season and the good? oakland beat detroit. and he knew the team had been struggling and that wasn't the
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case today, seth smith delivers a solo shot and this sr his 14th of the season. and oakland tips a lead in the 6th. there is a one lined to center field. and there is over his head for a two-run triple. there is added six more runs in the ninth. smith again, clearing base with this double down the line. smith went through for four with four rbies. there is oakland out tied with baltimore and dangers by -- ranger business three and a half in the west. cal bears at usc. the trojans not in the best of moods after getting upset last week, yesterday, lane kifen cut his interview off after 30 seconds when asked about an injured player. >> this is not something i'm going comment on. >> you mentioned how kiki was playing sort of a -- .
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>> here we go. >> there are policies forbidding the media from asking about injuries seen while watching practice. >> there is brendan bigelow, an amazing story. he tour an acr in his right knew and when it happened a second time he thought his career was over. >> this is just like i think i'm done with football and there is no way i can continue. but there is a huge ji from my dad like do it again. and go and do it again. >> hard work starting to pay off. greg norman raising. >> i brous when he said tiger
6:57 pm
woods was intimidated. he wasn't playing scared today and there is this long putt making a hard right turn and goes in for a birdie. there is his round included six birdies including this one. there is three strokes back. >> and i don't think tiger is intimidated. >> no. i don't think so, eeshlg. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. closed captioning services, inc.
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